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Suzy Sikora is a traditional naturopathic doctor and herbalist with a focus on nutrition and plant medicine. In addition, she is a nationally certified Consulting Hypnotist and raw foods instructor.  She is the founder of Sustainably Well. LLC, and Sustainably Raw, and is devoted to sustainable living and optimum health. 

Suzy struggled for years with various auto-immune illnesses and the lack of understanding within the allopathic community left her worse and worse with each new pharmaceutical drug or surgery. It wasn't until she sought a natural alternative that she finally began to realize health.

With a change in diet and lifestyle, acquiring herbal knowledge, and extensive research in nutrition, Suzy was able to stop taking the arthritis and pain medications on which she had relied for 10 years. Over a two-year period, she also healed herself of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia.  This inspired her to return to school, acquire formal training, and help others struggling with these and other illnesses that allopathic medicine seems unable to heal.

Suzy is a graduate of the Naturopathic Institute of Therapies and Education in Mt. Pleasant, MI, currently working on a doctorate of naturopathy. She is a qualified practitioner in multiple healing techniques, including nutritional and herbal therapies, and body work modalities, such as Reflexology, CranioSacral and energy healing, and assists her clients in making those desired changes easier with hypnosis! She feels that learning is a life-long endeavor; training in these and other various healing modalities continues.

Suzy teaches free classes on various health topics at her local farmer’s market each month, and conducts a 4- or 7-month herbal intensive training program which provides students with in-depth study, hands-on learning and practical application of community herbalism. 

For more information, and to schedule a consultation,contact the Acupuncture & Herbal Clinic in Fenton today! 810-714-5556


I have had two CranioSacral therapy sessions with Suzy Sikora and I know both sessions have benefited my health.  During each session I experienced a great sense of deep relaxation and a release of emotional energy.  As Suzy exercised gentle manipulation on my spine, I experienced pulsating waves up and down my back.  These waves continued on and off for days.  Listening to soft music in the background contributes to the relaxing atmosphere, which lasted close to an hour.  Pain is an issue I deal with every day and I had noticeable improvement in that area both times.  I struggle with autoimmune health issues and this holistic approach is a step in the right direction in the process of regaining my health.   I would recommend to anybody that is interested in improving their well-being to set up a cranial sacral therapy session with Suzy.

~ Carol S.

First let me say thank you again for the experience today. I see why you do what you do & I'm so glad you do it! I already feel so much better physically - my right shoulder & neck were hurting & now they don't. A friend of mine told me that back pain was from emotions locked away...I'm a believer after today. Mentally I feel clear. I feel energized & I have to say I feel it has added to my positive feelings that began yesterday. Spiritually I just feel connected. I feel I have experienced something with nature, with another dimension & deep within myself. For all of this I cannot express how much this has meant to me.

~ G. Erwin

Suzy, the last thing you said to me after seeing me Sunday was if anything happens in the next few days " I want to hear about it I would be interested to know."

Well, today i had the most intense spiritual realization. that is probably all i can tell you for now. You will not believe it. At least not at first. Anyway thank you for playing such a crucial role in this happening through the treatment or whatever you did Sunday. You are a healer on a much higher level than you know.

~ James.Erwin